General Terms and Conditions
 for the use of the Platform FOURSOURCE

(Version 5.1, updated 19 February 2019)

1. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) govern FOURSOURCE’s business relationships with customers who sign up as Members on the Platform available under

2. Definitions

For the purpose of these GTC, the following terms shall have the meaning assigned to them below:

2.1. “Account” means Company Account or Individual Account, if applicable, including Subaccounts created under it, including all information visible on the Profile belonging to such Account.

2.2. “Buyers” are Members who registered as a buyer (i.e. chose an Account which enables them to buy textiles and garments) on the Platform.

2.3. “Company Account” shall mean a company Member’s technical and legal access to the Platform.

2.4. “FOURSOURCE” shall mean FOURSOURCE Group GmbH, Torstraße 149, 10119 Berlin.

2.5. “Individual Buyer” shall mean a natural person Buyer.

2.6. “Manufacturers” are Members who registered as a manufacturer (i.e. chose an Account which enables them to offer textiles and garments on the Platform).

2.7. “Subaccount” shall mean a sub-account under a Company Account for single natural persons, which provides access to the Platform.

2.8. “Member(s)” shall mean any legal or natural person who has concluded an agreement regarding the use of the Platform with FOURSOURCE

2.9. “Platform” shall mean the online platform as provided by FOURSOURCE after a log-in under the domain

2.10. “Profile” shall mean the information connected to an Account and visible to other Members or non-Members.

2.11. “Principal” shall mean any natural person or legal entity on whose behalf or for whose benefit Buyer, partly or completely, uses the Platform (e.g. if the Buyer is an employee of such entity or works for such entity as a freelancer, e.g. as a commercial agent or consultant).

2.12. “RFQ(s)” shall mean requests for quotations for garments or other textile products.

2.13. “User” shall mean someone who uses Website and has not yet registered as a Member.

2.14. “Website” shall mean, including all content and sub-domains thereunder.

3. General ProvisionS

1. Under its Platform, FOURSOURCE provides online tools and matching algorithms for promotion, getting in contact, business initiation and qualification, exchanging information, business management and marketing, as well as general market intelligence. Upon entering into a subscription agreement for the use of the Platform with FOURSOURCE, Members can connect over the Platform. FOURSOURCE will constantly develop and improve the services on the Platform to allow Manufacturers and Buyers to display their products on under their Profiles and to offer the manufacturing of products to Buyers and to allow brands, retailers and other buyers to display their demands on their Profiles and to request proposals for manufacturing.

3.2. The following terms and conditions apply between FOURSOURCE and Members relating to all services provided by FOURSOURCE to Members on the Platform. By subscribing for the Platform, the Member accepts these terms and conditions for the use. In these GTC, words in the singular include the plural and vice versa.

3.3. Terms and conditions deviating from these terms and conditions shall only apply if these are confirmed by FOURSOURCE in writing.